Epstein Insights within the Torah. Gematria Reveals Truth.

I am going to preface this by saying that there are several ways you could look at this.

  1. It is a very interesting coincidence that these many descriptive words and their numerical values all formulate around a similar, relevant topic.
  2. There is no such thing as coincidence, especially in the word of god.
  3. “How do I know he’s not bullshitting me?”

I would normally fall in with the 2 & 3 crowd. I like big, dry books and swore off fiction about a decade ago because it didn’t seem like it was worth my time. The hidden truth is a million times more interesting than all the popular pop-culture plots that sprinkle in just enough of the truth to keep us entranced and intrigued but rarely enough to spark the spirit in search of much higher truths.

For the super intrigued “3”s, here is the software I used. https://www.biblecodesplus.com/keystobible.html (there may be better deals available)

I encourage people to play along with me in a secondary tab here: https://www.gematrix.org/

I do have an important side note: I found these messages by searching out patterns with My name, my location, & my ZODIAC. Gematria is personalized (as far as I can tell in my experience thus far) and “Ophiuchus” (628 numerical value) is the ZODIAC KEY for this table. What this means is; when searching the gematria on words or numbers within the table you can obtain greater insight by either adding the word “Ophiuchus” when searching words or adding 628 to the numerical value. You can search out words, specific numbers or spell out the numbers. You don’t want to mix letters and numbers from what I understand.

Initially I was adding 687 for Sagittarius and it clued me into Ophiuchus. I’m a December 8th birth.

I made a brief post describing my introduction to gematria for those who don’t really know what it is. The post isn’t really important to the information within this blog post. It’s just a quick explanation of my journey thus far:

So, the day after I decoded something that was very introspective, I was given what appeared to be insight the Epstein death. I understand the barrier of “How can I trust this guy” (I’m a 2 and 3 kind of guy). Which is why I bought the Keys the the Bible software myself to check out the Bible/Torah Codes. But…These are words derived from the Torah, not from me. Here’s what I was decoding:

What initially stuck out to me was the name Jetheth near the bottom several times which also means “a chief or clan of Edom” but was close to the name Jeff. “Jethro” was a name that was used in an personal allegory days earlier for my father, whose name is Jeff. I thought it may lead to another personal reference at first but I was wrong.
Before I decided I was even going to share my findings my notes were a little more vague but I kept track of the words that seemed to go together the most both alphabetically & proximity to each-other. Within this space included words (but wasn’t limited to): Jethro, haply, hanged, gigantic, godlike, ghoulish, goat, glorification,glass, hinge, hydrophobia, miserable, mobster, mirror, gunfire fleck, fodder, floor. And “Fire” a bunch of times within the box.

There were also a few I looked up.
Guttural: Of or relating to the throat.
Hawser: A “Nautical” cable or rope used for towing a ship
This water theme is continued several times within this table with words like “marine” and “mariner”. We’ll get to that.

Also the word “Fraught” started at 476-10, 474-10, 439-10, 436-10, 470-10, & 470-19
Definition: full or accompanied by something specified.
Close to fraught was “gaol” several times, meaning “jail”.
Peppered throughout the same general area later on was the word “web”
This basically provided me a a section to focus on.

The “Gigantic godlike ghoulish goat glorification” stuck out as to me as satanic ritualism. Both “glass” and “hinge” were together several times. I tried to think about what it could mean. Maybe a hinge that is easily broken? I didn’t want to speculate too long but both phrases together reminded me of something I read regarding the black sun ritual related to pizza gate: https://thephoenixenigma.com/the-doorknob-sacrifices-a-black-sun-ritual-12-celebrity-suicides-related-to-pedophilia-cover-up/

Fleck Fodder Floor= 399

Those 3 words were grouped together and stood out to me.

Before you try and label the high-profile pedophile rings and a “Conspiracy theory” you need to read Senator John DeCamp’s book on the Franklin scandal. Twice as scary as Stephen King’s darkest thoughts AND TRUE. I always said it was the scariest book I ever read.

It’s been going on a long time…

Back to the Torah! There was more to uncover!

My overlay doesn’t show it but a symmetrical triangle was formed with the word “mirror” twice with “mobster” in the middle. Coordinates for the 3 started at 450-19, 456-19, &-461-19

Mobster’s vertical coordinates added up to 1894 and both mirrors together equaled 2841.. The gematria was interesting!
Luke 3:17 Reads: Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable.

Interesting “Coincidence”.
Perpendicular to and extremely close alphabetically to “Mobster” was “Miserable”.
I decided to check the gematria.
The “Rabbit-hole” was getting deeper.

Time to Revisit the “marine” theme.

Allegorical “Foster-Father” “Financing”..
Taking the coordinate gematria of “mariner”, you get 973. (475-11 & 470-11)
In similar proximity was The word “Marble” twice and “Mansion”
(Marble-472-12, 470-10 Mansion-469-11)
Knight of Swords is a call to action!

At this point, it appeared to have singled out many of the cliche “deep state” usual suspects. Then the words “Marine” “Metropolis” came close together. Sounded to me like another name for “Epstein Island” to me.

Isn’t there a smiling picture together?
Probably just a coincidence… Right?

“Hydrophobia” was another word that stood out when decoding because it was long and also fit with the marine theme. It stood near the word “Fire-Fighter”. Once I checked the gematria matches I felt the need to include it. I sensed much relevance. A firefighter with hydrophobia wouldn’t put out many fires.

I personally fail to see anything out of place.

Since I started to decipher the Torah I have quit a 10 year habit of chewing tobacco (1 1/2 weeks down but feeling strong). I also haven’t had an alcoholic drink in nearly a month, although I am likely to still partake in moderation. The point is that the power inside has opened up my eyes to many things.

I have a post soon to come regarding the “wampum” “cellular” “cattle-herd” “chip” that if put in your body is an “anathema” with the “Almighty God”.

Basically Refuse the microchip. All this surrounded by current events of 2020

I wanted to at least mention it because the world is moving fast and I am speaking out against some of the darkest forces and spiritual leaches on the planet. I would never do anything to hurt myself is always a good foot-note when exposing this stuff! haha

Feel love in your souls and enjoy those around you because much of what I have decoded in the last month has suggested that time is of limited supply and major spiritual tests lie ahead.

I appreciate anyone who took the time to visit my site!


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