The Great Plannedemic: Part 1

PREFACE: This thesis is by no means meant to make light of anyone around the world being affected by COVID-19. Many are without a job, lonely & unsure of what the future holds. This is not an attempt to boost my social status, but rather an urgent call to action and exercise in critical thinking and dot-connecting. Everything you ever hear from ANY source should be taken with a grain of salt and looked into with further investigation if warranted. On the flip side of that coin is also leaving yourself open to the possibility that the world is different than you initially thought. Could it be possible that there is power and profit to be gained out of our fear and misery? Leave yourself open to all possibilities & then arrive at your own conclusions. I personally view much of this information as vital to understanding where we are in the world & where we are headed if we decide to let others rule our destiny as a species. This thesis is an informal way to share my own conclusion and frame of reference based on topics I have researched extensively & written lyrics about about for many years.

Many of these topics will be controversial and unpleasant to consider but there is solace in gaining greater understanding of the world around you. This thesis is providing an alternative vantage point based on sound information that is widely known, but highly suppressed. I will try and keep the content in an order that makes sense as well as include many articles & videos from people who explain things better than myself . I apologize in advance for any journalism “no-no’s” in regards to proper citations and formatted bibliography. The information I have gathered here is much more important than my commentary regarding it so keep that in mind as well.

Disclaimer: Before you dive in, there is a LOT of information provided here if the time is taken to read the articles & and watch the videos.(Which I hope you decide to muscle through) Part One has several hours worth of videos alone & many links to relevant articles that are worth reading.

INTRODUCTION: “We have the opportunity to forge for ourselves and our future generations a New World Order– a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle governs the conduct of nations”- George HW Bush- Sept. 11th 1990

“The Present window during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long. We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and all nations will accept the New World Order.” -David Rockefeller

The New World Order is not a new concept. In fact, conquerors throughout history have set out to take over the world. It is my belief that we are in a perfectly engineered crisis, the likes of which humanity has never seen. It is coordinated, well thought out & has a good chunk of the population cheering on the destruction of civil liberties from their couches. If history has shown us anything of importance it is that, once lost, these liberties are extremely hard to get back.

Fun Fact: Democide (Death by Government) has been a leading cause of death throughout history.

MEDIA MONOPOLIES & THOUGHT POLICING: Something worth noting near the beginning of this thesis is the stranglehold a handful of mega corporations have on all the media outlets. Ensuring that there is continuity (minus the left/right banter between outlets/channels) is essential to keeping a steady narrative. The Sinclair Group is worthy of inspection:

This video, although focused partially on bitcoin has a good exposé of how the word-for-word narratives trickle down to local stations. All this is fairly easy to coordinate when orders only have to come from the top down.

The vast consolidation of media outlets over the past 30 years has luckily been countered by information being freely exchanged on the internet. However, YouTube sent out a letter stating their “AI” was taking over their video flagging/removing service due to the coronavirus, (somehow youtube employees are incapable of working remotely). Many Alternative information outlets have had their videos flagged & even channels deleted. Although this section deserves it’s own thesis, as will others, it is meant to highlight the fact that a very small group of individuals control the mass consumption of information and general consensus worldwide. There may be someone saying to themselves “none of this is on the news, it cant be true.” this is easily refuted with the knowledge of media monopolies and the roll they play in policies worldwide. Hope you enjoyed the appetizer, time for a little meat and potatoes.

AGENDA 21, EVENT 201 & ID2020:
Agenda 21 is the United Nations “sustainable development plan” with goals of being completely implemented in it’s entirety by 2030. “Sustainable Development” doesn’t sound like a terrible thing at first glance. However, embedded within “sustainable Development” is depopulation, abolition of personal property & sovereign nations , mandatory vaccines worldwide, cashless society with biometric data chips, society only existing within mega-city boundaries & much more. You can read the official plan here:
There are hundreds of youtube videos & articles written over the years available on the topic. Think 1984 or Hunger Games.
EVENT 201 is an event that took place on Oct. 18th 2019. Put on by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as John Hopkins, the event was a simulation of a global coronavirus pandemic and how governments would need to respond worldwide if one were to occur. Beyond the obvious “coincidence” of this event being so ideally timed, it’s interesting to see who benefits most from such a scenario playing out in real life.

In case you are curious, so far things are playing out identically as they did in the event. We haven’t reached the Marshall Law and shut down of the internet due to “misinformation” needing to be controlled part of the simulation yet.

ID2020 is another Bill Gates & company Initiative for the “Digital Identity Alliance”
Essentially, a collaboration with governments around the world to chip every citizen and put all of our biometric and financial data on a government ran blockchain. It is already implemented in Bangladesh.

Bill Gates:
Billionaire, Eugenicist, & Cold Blooded Killer portrayed as philanthropist savior of mankind. If you trust this guy, I don’t know what to tell you. GMO crops & Vaccines are his solution to the “overpopulation issue” (which in itself is a farce due to suppressed technologies that would lead to clean, sustainable food and energy for all).

The Monsanto “Terminator Seeds” are a good example of this man’s intentions. If you are unfamiliar, the Terminator seeds are seeds genetically engineered to produce seedless fruit. Monsanto, over the years, has been accused of dropping terminator seeds over organic fields to destroy organic crops, in addition to subsequent harvests’ crops, in a steady march to become the world “seed bank” when crops eventually entirely lose the capability to naturally reproduce.

Ever been told “You are what you eat”? We yet to see the multi-generational effects of what eating infertile fruits and vegetables for humans, but I suspect that the steadily declining birthrates can be (at the least partially) attributed to GMO crops.

Fun fact: Bill Gates’ father, Bill Gates Sr., was head of planned parenthood which is founded on eugenics policies. For those new to the concept of eugenics:

Is it any surprise that to this day, bits of aborted fetuses are within your vaccines? I know, sounds like a CrAzY KoNsPiRaCy ThEoRy. This in addition to heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum adjuvants makes the decision to vaccinate a much more difficult one. There are many documentaries but this one is the more recent I’ve seen & it’s worth watching.

If you choose to vaccinate yourself & your children that is your right to do so, just as it is mine not to. I do recommend that everyone learn the difference between a TH1 & TH2 immune response and how they are meant to be in balance. (Vaccines are thought to bring about a TH1 response but actually bring about a TH2). The reason we are touching on it here is that The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is, quite possibly, the biggest player in regards to pushing the mandatory vaccination agenda.

I am a big proponent of informed consent and believe everyone should at least look over information at
I also recently came across Dr. Shiva, who is running for senator in Massachusetts. I recommend subscribing and listening to this man in regards to health & the current situation. Social Distancing be damned, I want to shake this man’s hand.


Anthony Fauci is NOT YOUR FRIEND. This man is deep state to the core. He is set to propose a one-size-fits-all health policy with little regard to the sanctity of the body. Keep in mind that even if vaccines were 100% safe and 100% effective, IT WOULD STILL NOT GIVE ANYONE THE RIGHT TO FORCE THEM UPON US! Vaccines are neither of those things of course. Anyone with a bit of foresight & knowledge of the existence of predictive programming sees where the current narrative is headed.

*SIDE NOTE: It is not unreasonable to have an uneasy feeling about this whole thesis or situation in general. Humanity has never been forced into such a drastic change in behavior overnight. We are no longer comforted by the general assurances given to us by the day to day monotony. However, harsh realities are better than false comforts, especially in times where action is needed but massively constrained. I wish health and happiness upon my family, friends, readers & their family & friends as well

Let’s think about just a few obvious things accomplished with the global quarantine:

-No large groups (scatter/eliminate dissent)

-Distrust For fellow humans that “might be infected” including friends and family. There are articles recommending husbands and wives show less physical affection to each other and their children. Not the mention the “death of The handshake” / kisses on cheeks.

-Fearful people screaming for the government to come and save them.

All this when the numbers don’t add up at all.

Up to 650,000 Influenza related respiratory deaths per year according to WHO numbers. Corona is fueled by fear!
I understand Corona isn’t the flu. The point is that world governments let thousands starve all over the world every day. They don’t give a shit about our health!

It is just a sad fact of reality that in a country of 7.something Billion, many die each day. (Tens of?) Thousands die every week from what pre-2020 would’ve called “pneumonia” with little more investigation to what virus brought it about. At any given moment we are carrying around billions of viruses that our bodies naturally fight and, most of the time, overcome.

I can only imagine we will see a huge spike in this number for 2020. We should assign every couple a U.S. Marshall to hover over their freaky bed games and make sure everyone is safe. We all LOOOOVE the police state, right?

The economic & mental health ramifications of the quarantine will surely lead many to poor health and desperation. This is, arguably, a MUCH larger problem than the pandemic itself . Good thing the government loves us so much and is liable to work miracles.

Anyways, although I am not in agreement on entirely (particularly that Trump isn’t helping to progress the N.W.O.) Dr. Shiva does an amazing job of pointing out the flaws in the CDC & Fauci’s narrative. The insights on Pelosi & Crookedness of both the DNC & GOP were interesting to say the least, however unsurprising they may be.

Much more of Fauci’s past deserves to be explored. An interesting thing to check out is the list of CDC sponsors:
It’s a long list of the companies benefiting most from the panic buying, the too-big-to-fail banks, big oil & other companies getting relief package bailouts from the fed. This will inevitably lead to the nationalization of big business (even more so than now) at the expense of the U.S. Dollar and Taxpayer. This list is of course proof of nothing other than the mega conglomerates are wiping their ass with $100’s while we are fighting over toilet paper. Ironic.

The airline industry is of extra importance being a vaccine/biometric checkpoint for world travel. All the “that will never happen” people likely haven’t realized that similar mandates are being implemented in some EU countries as we speak.

What do we have left if we have no control over what is injected into out bodies? Honestly? What other than slavery can you call that? Funny how the system has most screaming its our “obligation” to vaccinate. It’s based on, old faulty science and passed down through federally funded Universities dependent on their grant money. Academia, in regards to global policy are quite possibly the biggest pay-to-play profession in existence. You’d be hard pressed to find an original thought under a half century old between them. It’s a giant circle-jerk of old men perpetuating the status quo beliefs and policies based on pseudo-scientific N.W.O. consensus. Don’t perpetuate the narrative? Well then you ain’t in the club!

Advancements in sanitation, indoor plumbing and refrigeration are never taken into consideration when discussing 20th century disease statistics. People parrot what the Corporate “Experts” on television say about vaccines which is, to put it nicely.. Highly irresponsible. There is a long history of vaccine injury as well as it being about the only thing big pharma can’t be sued over.

Those injured by a vaccine can only be compensated through a vaccine court that is funded by a vaccine tax PAID BY CONSUMERS. All this vaccine propaganda at a time where Big Pharma has been in heavy litigation over the Opioid Crisis. hmmm..?

Interesting Article here:

The Earn It Bill & Cashless Society
The “Earn It” Bill is the perfect example of why it is important to stay on our toes and hold those in charge accountable, especially in times of hysteria because these things go widely unnoticed. Basically, the proposal is to outright abolish internet privacy. Was there anything more than a mention (if that) from the MSM? Coronavirus is the perfect misdirection for their slight of hand legislation.

I definitely recommend spreading this around to try and prevent it from coming to fruition.

Within the first draft of the coronavirus relief bill was the mention of the coming “Digital Dollar”. Although I am a big fan of crypto-currencies ran on open and public blockchains, a Digital US Dollar strictly on the blockchain and linked to our biometric profile is about as Orwellian as it gets in my mind.
There is little doubt in my mind that crypto will be huge in the future, especially with all the money printing going on at central banks around the world. Crypto is a tool that can be used to overcome monetary oppression. Blockchain is a tool that can bring about that same oppression if in the wrong hands.

Psyops, False Flags and The Totalitarian Tip-Toe:
The CIA has a long history of mass manipulation, False Flags,

covert operations, infiltration & high-jacking of counter-culture movements, drug trafficking and experimentation, brainwashing, murder of true revolutionaries, cover ups, foreign & domestic coup d’etats, and more. The deep state has close ties to the banking elite and upper-echelon of the tech world (Zuckerberg, Gates, & other various NSA frontmen.)

This whole Coronavirus deal really feels like a mass scale version of the Rockefeller funded ‘War of the Worlds” broadcast.

MK-Ultra- Hallucinogenics, Hypnosis, Mind control. The CIA found out how to break down a person’s psyche and program the mind with frequencies, symbols & subliminal psychological warfare. Once they perfected it, they packaged it for mass consumption. Best toilet paper salesmen on earth, that CIA. Your television IS NOT entertainment… It is PROGRAMMING.

Operation Mockingbird- The CIA hired and blackmailed journalists to write fake stories and push propaganda.

Operation Northwoods- Proposed False Flag event to hijack planes, crash them into buildings, blame it on Cuba as justification to war. Not cancelled, just postponed a few decades…

The Gulf of Tonkin incident has come to light as a false flag.

9/11 is a good place to start Part 2 of this thesis.

Totalitarian Tip-Toe-

“If you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, he will jump out. But if you put a frog into a pot of cold water and place on a low flame he will sit there quite placidly. As the water gradually heats up the frog will sink into a tranquil stupor, and will allow itself to be boiled to death

I wanted to get through all my talking points in one long post but the most relevant time is NOW And there is a lot to get through here. Maybe you’ll be ready for Part 2. It will contain information about 9/11, The planned collapse of the US Dollar, The banking elite/central bank ponzi, Hollywood’s role & more!

We are witnessing history and will need to be informed and strategic in the months to come. Stay strong and healthy!


P.S. I have been keeping up with the mainstream narrative & news, as well as researching everything I can about what is not being shared there. We may not agree on a variety of points presented but keep in mind that instead of playing video games or watching movies, I have compiling this information. Are you going to the same lengths to stay informed? It is also important to note that even if you can’t wrap your head around the level of deception I am proposing, if even a fraction of what is presented is the true nature of the agenda, then we MUST ACT! I am aware my reach is minuscule and my view on the situation is widely unpopular but I feel obligated to share it with anyone willing to listen given that what we are seeing unravel is what I have been warning people about in my music for the better part of a decade. Thank you to anyone taking the time to hear me out.